Imagine Magazine Cover: November 2015

  "When Jeanne is lighting up the stage, television or big screen, it is a brilliant light. Her talent, confidence, and respect for the local entertainment industry shines through and has firmed her up as the go to girl for creative projects." 

A Southern Life In Scandalous Times

 "Lohnes always new she wanted to be an actress. She told me that it had seemed like an “unattainable dream” that she kept tucked away, finally realizing that in order to make it a reality she had to seize the moments because in her own words it was “now or never”. And seize her moments she has."

Imagine Magazine: Interview August 2014

"Slow and steady wins the race. That has been my motto in my approach to acting. I started with acting classes and was lucky to have a professor who was very committed to the students, introducing us to the works of classical and modern day masters."